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Storyteller Travel is your source for travel planning. Learn about the best foods, destinations, and natural attractions around the world.

Why Trust Storyteller Travel?

Bryan and Dena are long-time travelers. They lived in South America for six years and now live in Nova Scotia, Canada. And the whole team are travelers and past expats.

Storyteller Travel has been featured and mentioned in many notable publications, including MSN, National Geographic, CNBC,, Mashable, Spoon University, Transitions Abroad, and Cigna Global.

Storyteller Travel is our travel blog. We cover animals, attractions, and food from around the world.

And since March 2021, it is also home to all the content from What started as a small blog to document our life abroad grew to become the largest English-language blog about Ecuador. Now you can also read all the best things about Ecuador on

In May 2020, we merged several of our smaller sites (including Ehlisters, Uganda365, and into Storyteller.Travel.

storyteller travel

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