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Storyteller Tech: Action Camera Tutorials for Creators

Welcome! We’re Bryan and Dena. And we’ve been writing about travel photography and content creation since 2015. We own the six newest GoPro cameras, along with the latest DJI and Insta360 cameras.

Why Trust Storyteller Tech?

We’ve been creators since 2009. We run content businesses and have created and managed content (video and text) programs for numerous international travel brands. 

We Own The Gear

We own GoPro (11 models), DJI (4 models), and Insta360 (5 models) cameras. Plus a selection of Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and Canon cameras. And a drone and duffel bags of mounts, poles, tripods, and other capture gear. 

What happened to Click Like This? In February 2023 we rebranded to Storyteller Tech. We started ClickLikeThis in 2015. We felt that the new name and brand better fit with the direction of the site. Watch for lots of action camera content – reviews, tips, and hands-on guides.


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